UNITT University Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer

List of Directors and Auditors, UNITT

Job title Name Affiliation
Representative Director, Chairman Kazuya MASU President, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Representative Director, Vice Chairman Toshiya WATANABE Director General, Division of University Corporate Relations, The University of Tokyo
Representative Director, Vice Chairman Takanobu MIZUTA President, Tohoku Techno Arch Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Vice Chairman Toshihiro MASAKI(Ph.D.) Professor, Director, University Advancement Division, Co-Creation Bureau, Osaka University   
Representative Director, Vice Chairman Shinji OHNISHI Professor, Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office
Vice President, Kyushu University
Director Kazumasa AOKI General Manager, Technology Licensing Office
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Director Shigehiro ASANO Director, Department of Industrial-Academic Collaboration
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Director Yoshihiro ABURATANI President and CEO, RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd.
Director Kaori IIDA Deputy Director
Professor/Director Institute of Research Division for Research Innovation
Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU)
Director Masaho Ishino Professor, School of Medecine, Sapporo Medical University
Director Sumio OHSAWA Representative Director and President, SHINSHU TLO Co., Ltd.
Director Yoichi OSHIMA Professor, Vice President for Government and Industry Relations, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Director Hiroshi KATO Professor at College of Law, Nihon University
Deputy Director, Nihon University Business, Research and Intellectual Property Center (NUBIC)
Director Mikihito KANOU Assistant to the President (Social Cooperation (Risk Management and Intellectual Property)), Associate Professor, Head of Intellectual Property Management Department, Deputy Head of Industry-academia-goverment Collaboration Risk Management Department, Mie Regional Plan Co-creation Organization, Mie University
Director Masahiro KITO Director, Professor, Japanese Patent Attorney, Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Division, Nagoya University, Tokai National Higher Education and Research System
Director Shoichi GOHTANI(Ph.D.) President & CEO of Techno Network Shikoku Co., Ltd.
Director Youichiro SATA Senior Presidential Advisor/Patent Adviser,
Specially Designated Professor, Intellectual Property Strategy,
Yamaguchi University, National University Corporation
Director Kiyoyuki SHIMIZU Vice-President, Kumamoto University
Professor & Vice-Director, Kumamoto Innovative Development Organization(KIDO)
Director Motohiro SHIMIZU President and CEO, TLO-KYOTO Co., Ltd.
Director Mutsuaki SUZUKI Director, NIG Innovation, National Institute of Genetics, Research Organization of Information and Systems
Director Ikuo TERAUCHI(Ph.D.) Professor, Patent Attorney, Hokkaido University
Director Hodaka NAKANISHI Professor, Advanced Comprehensive Research Organization, Teikyo University
Director, Teikyo Technology Transfer Center
Director Keishi NISHIHARA Head, IP Management Section
Innovation Commercialization Division
Associate Professor, Kobe University
Director Naofumi NISHIMURA Specially Appointed Professor,
Director of Intellectual Property Division
Head Office of Enterprise Partnerships
Director Yoshifumi NOGUCHI Vice President
Managing Director, Division of Research
Associate Executive Director, Corporate Reseach Collaboration Strategy Division, Ritsumeikan University
Director Kenya FUJIMORI Office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation, Kyoto Universiry
Director Keiko HONDA CEO & President, TODAI TLO, Ltd.
Director Fusanori MIURA Representative Director, Yamaguchi TLO
Director Naoki YASUKAWA Kanazawa University
Director Tomio YABE Professor, Deputy Director, Academic Research and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, Gifu University
Auditor Shoichi OKUYAMA Patent Attorney, Principal of Okuyama & Sasajima
Former President of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association
Auditor Akio NISHIZAWA Senior Research Fellow of NICHe, TOHOKU University