UNITT University Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer

2018 UNITT Annual Conference

UNITT-AC2018 was closed in exciting circumstance with more than 500 participants.

Opening remarks of Fujishima, the Chair

AC2018 was held on Sep. 1-2 at Ochanomizu University campus as the 15th conference since 2004 with the participants of more than 500 experts from university’s industry-university collaboration department, TLO and public research institutes in Japan.

The conference started with opening remarks of Akira Fujishima, Chair of UNITT from 10 o’clock, and then, Mr. Kota Murase, Director of University Technology Transfer Promotion Office, MEXT, Mr. Tomomi Yamazaki, Director of Industry-University Collaboration Office, METI and Mr. Masahiro Shibata, Director of IP Exploitation Policy Coordination spoke from the standpoint of each ministry and office.
After that, Professor Ikuo Morita, Vice President of Ochanomizu University, gave a greetings on behalf of the University.

Director and chairperson in charge of the new four committees

 Next, the director / chairperson of the newly-launched four committees announced the inaugural message and ambition, and also announced that they are recruiting members for each committee. They are Committee of Planning and Management: Yoshito Koga, Global Human Resources Development: Takafumi Yamamoto and Kosuke Kato, Networking: Toshihiro Masaki and Survey & Public Relations: Yoshihiro Kanazawa.

From 10:30 onward, we held a plenary session ” Industry-Academia Collaboration, up until now and from now on” in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the TLO Law enforcement. Moderator Takafumi Yamamoto (Tokyo Univ. TLO) and four speakers Masahiro Hashimoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kenichi Hatori ,Secretary-General, UNITT, Iwao Yoshino, Microwave Chemistry corporation and Kazuhiko Hashimoto, Kansai TLO spoke from each position looking back past 20 years and viewing the direction of industry-university collaboration in the future. Japan is also said to be the second boom for startup from university and great expectation was given to the venture, including the meaning of reducing the gap and risk between industry and university.

Session state

The 20 sessions started in the afternoon of on the first day, September 1st through the afternoon of the second day, September 2nd. The discussion was developed in 20 sessions divided into 5 venues. The 20 themes of the 20 sessions cover various issues related to the utilization of research results by universities / public research institutes broadly. These themes were selected based on requests and popularity from member organizations and previous year’s participants. The theme of most popular session was “License to the start-ups from the university -Stock acquisition rights, License fee, Assingnment and Conflict of Interest-”. Moderator was Megumi Takada, Kyushu Univ. and Speakers were Kazuya Suzuki, Todai TLO, Taiji Edogawa, New Japan limited liability audit corporation and Junji Adachi, Kyulux Ltd.. The next popular theme were “Toward Data Management in the AI / IoT era (Shuntaro Yamamoto, NICT et al.)”, “Regional Creation (Masakazu Kimura, Shizuoka University et al.)”, “Collaborative research agreement with overseas companies (Makoto Hattori, Lawyer et al.) “.

Session state

Glen氏:President, Vortechs Group

The other topis are as follows;
The basic course “Collaborative Research Agreement (Takashi Ogawa (Kyushu Univ.)) surpassed expectations and gathered participants enough to make the venue full. The theme” Formation of career path of professional (Ozawa Yoshiaki (Meiji Univ.) ” ) realized discussion with US technology transfer experts including Mr. Glen, using Skype internet system for the first time as a UNITT conference.

At the reception party on the evening of the first day, a large network of participants was created in the field of industry-university collaboration.

All Photos except Glen by Yoshio Nagashima

UNITT AC Summary

Date and Time 2018
Sep. 1, Sat; Opening 10:00-, Plenary 10:30-, Seminar 13:30-, Reception 18:30-
Sep. 2, Sun; Seminar 10:00-,Closing15:30-
Place Ochanomizu University Campus
2-1-1, Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Organized UNITT
Co- organized Ochanomizu University
Sponsorship The JAPAN PATENT ATTORNEYS, Japan Federation of Bar Association Lawyers

The annual conference, AC, of UNITT, University Network of Innovation and Technology Transfer, gathers 500 people from industry-academia cooperation office of all over the country to discuss issues related to the utilization of research results by universities and public research institutes. Discussions will be held with hot topics on technology transfer and industry-university collaboration in 1 plenary session and 20 workshop sessions for 2 days. In the second half of each session, we will discuss the interactive discussions involving participants. The top 3 which was popular last year held at Tokyo Institute of Technology were “The industry-academia collaboration in other countries, a venture from a university and a copyright license.
We also prepared a commemorative event for the 20th anniversary of the enactment of the TLO Law this year. Based on the questionnaire results of last year conference and requests from UNITT members, 20 themes of gems were selected (see the following program). It will be a good opportunity to learn about what is hot now in university for people not only in university but also in industry. We will wait for the application and participation from many people. Ten points of RTTP (International Certification / Technology Transfer Professional) CE point will be awarded to seminar participants who completed the program. The seminar will be run with participation fee from attendants. We ask for your cooperation in the following participation fee.

Registration fee
Seminar a Regular members, supporting members (corporations): 20,000 yen / person (registration on the day: 22,000 yen)
b Supporting member (individual): 10,000 yen (registration on the day: 12,000 yen; separately purchased membership fee for individual support member: 10,000 yen / year)
c Companies introduced by members (advance registration): 18,000 yen / person
d Student: 2,000 yen (same day registration: same amount)
e General (nonmember): 30,000 yen (application on the day: 32,000 yen; if you become an individual support member in advance, it is applicable as b above)
Reception 3,000 yen (Registration on the day: same amount)

*Inquiries :
UNITT Secretariat, 6th Floor, The 2nd Akiyama Building, Toranomon 3 – chome, Minato – ku, 105-0001
TEL : 03-5402-1857

AC 2018 Sponsor

UNITT AC2018 program (2018.9.1-2 (Saturday and Sunday) @ Ochanomizu University)

September 1 (Saturday)
University auditorium (Kiin-do)
10:00-10:30 University auditorium (Kiin-do) Opening Remark
Message from Dr. Akira Fujishima, the Chair of the UNITT, Honorary Professor, former president of Tokyo University of Science University
Greeting from Mr. Kota Murase, Director of University Transfer Promotion Office, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Greeting from Mr. Tomomi Yamazaki, Director of University Collaboration Promotion Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Greeting from Mr. Masahiro Shibata, Director for IP Exploitation Policy Planning Coordination, Japan Patent Office
Co-sponsored Greetings from Prof. Ikuo Morita, Vice President, Ochanomizu University

Introduction of director / chairperson of the newly-launched four committees of UNITT:
Yoshito Koga, director / chairperson of Planning and Management Committee
Takafumi Yamamoto, director of Global Human Resource Development Committee; Kosuke Kato, chairperson of Global Human Resource Development Committee
Toshihiro Masaki, director / chairperson of Networking Committee
Yoshihiro Kanazawa, director / chairperson of Survey & Public Relations Committee

Greeting from Toshihiro Masaki, director / chairperson of Networking Committee (AC2018 Executive Chairperson)
10:30-12:00 University auditorium (Kiin-do)
10:30-12:00 20th Anniversary of TLO Law enforcement “Up to now and future of industry-university collaboration”
Moderator: Takafumi Yamamoto, President, Todai TLO
Speakers: Prof. Masahiro Hashimoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Toshikatsu Miki, Director, INPIT; Iwao Yoshino, President and Representative Director, Microwave Chemistry Co.; Mr. Kazuhiko Hashimoto, Senior Associate of Kansai TLO Ltd.
Lunch at Co-op Lunch at Co-op 13:00~13:15 Briefing session of RTTP certification
13:30-15:30 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building
    A B C D E
13:30-15:30 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building A1: License to University venture (stock acquisition right, price, assign, conflict of interest)
Room 2-201
B1: New risks arising with industry-academia collaboration activities – Thinking about management model method –
Room 2-101
C1: Strategic Contract for Industry- Academy Collaboration – Consortium Type Sakura Tool Practice
D1: Points of in-campus handling provision and contract points of copyrighted work for smooth technology transfer
Room 2-102
E1:【Basic Course 1】Patent Basic Course (Patent Attorneys Association)
Room 1-301
Mod.: Takata (Kyushu Univ.) Mod.: Kito (Nagoya Univ.) Mod.: Hayashi (Lawyer) Mod.: Kobayashi (Rois) Mod.: Kamijyo (Patent Attorney)
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break Coffee break
16:00-18:00 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building
16:00-18:00 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building A2: Contract practice related to big data -For data management in the AI / IoT era –
Room 2-201
B2: Issues of industry-academia collaboration as seen from in-house patent attorneys and direction to be aimed at (Patent Attorney Association)
Room 1-304
C2:Collaboration between venture from university and 100 year long company – Fusion of R & D venture with operating company-
Room 2-101
D2: Clinical research law and conflict of interest management
Room 2-102
E2: 【Basic Course 2】License
Mod.: Yamamoto (NICT) Mod.: Yasutake (Patent Attorney; Panasonic) Mod.: Tani (JX Nippon Mining & Metals) Mod.: Masaki (Osaka Univ.) Mod.: Mizuta(Tohoku Techno Arch)
18:30-20:30 Co-op
18:30-20:30 Co-op Reception
September 2 (Sunday)
10:00-12:00 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building
10:00-12:00 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building A3: Career plan of technology transfer experts
Room 1-304
B3: Region creation -What can the university do for local revitalization?
Room 2-201
C3: EDGE-NEXT Think business design from basic research / undergraduate education
Room 2-102
D3: Intellectual Property Strategy of Accademia over New Modality
Room 2-101
E3: 【Basic Course 3】Joint Research Agreement
Room 1-301
Mod.: Umeda(Todai TLO) Mod.: Kimura(Shizuoka Univ.) Mod.: Miura(Ochanomizu Univ.) Mod.: Iwatani(AMED) Mod. & Speaker: Ogawa(Kyusyu Univ.)
Lunch Co-op Co-op
13:30-15:30 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building
13:30-15:30 Lecture Building No. 1 or 2 Building A4: What is Kyoto University original? -What a designated national university corporation can do?
Room 2-101
B4: Administrative Staff Session; Professionalization of university administrative staff and career development, organizational issues
Room 2-102
C4: UNITT and Flintbox’s startup project and know-how of successful startup
Room 1-304
D4: Case study on how to act as a URA
Room 1-301
E4: Points to be taken in collaborative research agreement / license agreement with overseas enterprises
Room 2-201
Mod.: Ohnishi (Kyoto Univ. Original) Mod.: Ozawa (Meiji Univ.) Mod.: Boeheim (Wellspring) Mod.: Baba (Tsukuba Univ.) Mod.: Hattori (Lawyer)
15:30-15:45 Room 2-201, Common lecture building,
15:30-15:45 Room 2-201, Common lecture building, Closing Remark
Toshihiro Masaki, Chairperson, Networking Committee (AC2018 Executive Chairperson)